Fantasia nelle Lampade designs, manufactures and distributes lamps and ceramic furnishings.

<p>Our production is quite unique and reintroduces in the XXIst century the long standing and world-famous Italian tradition of master-craftsmen which flourished in the XVII and XVIII centuries.<br /> <br /> The range of products is specifically targeted at the middle to high end of furnishing and decoration for houses, villas, hotels and other large accommodation facilities.<br /> Fantasia nelle Lampade is one of the leading manufacturers and designers in the group which now epitomise all that is best in the concept of &quot;Made in Italy&quot;.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Some models of lamps are made more unique and valuable by the use of Murano glass, of brass castings, and of authentic cameos.<br /> <br /> The finishing of all the ceramic components manufactured by Fantasia nelle Lampade is carried out by master-craftsman, whilst the lampshades are entirely hand-sewed exclusively to our own designs using high quality fabrics and trims perfectly matching the decoration of the ceramic bases.</p>